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Whether you are looking for a Session Board Controller, VoIP Gateway or a serial synchronous card for RS422/RS485 data transmission, The Junction will likely have a solution for your project.

For over 3 decades we have been distributing technologically innovative products from Sangoma. In fact, we were their first distributor outside of North America.

Long before our company, The Junction, was founded, we have supplied OEMs and system integrators with synchronous serial interface boards for Air Traffic Control (ATC) for more than three decades. Product has been deployed in airport control towers for communication with radar systems at airports of all sizes in nearly every corner of the world.

Prior to the implementation of digital networking at airports much of the infrastructure was based on legacy equipment utilizing analogue control signalling. Our customers have included internationally renowned companies such as Leonardo Finmeccanica, Terma, Northrop Grumman, Thales, Terma, Indra Navia, BAA and many others.

We have provided thousands of serial-synchronous boards from Sangoma for applications such as radar, air-traffic control, noise abatement (which has helped airports improve flight patterns reducing the impact on the surrounding environment), airport ground-control, coastguard and numerous other mission critical services.

Likewise, we have shipped large numbers of Session Boarder Controllers and VoIP Gateways to numerous OEMs and system integrators for call monitoring and administration covering diverse areas such as Stock Exchange Call Recording, Cyber Security, Civil and Defence Communications, Call Centers for Emergency Services, etc.