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Our suppliers cater for a raft of solutions. The Junction provides developers and system integrators with boards and components to build multifarious applications satisfying the needs of demanding customers.

The technologies to which we have delivered products are immense and often beyond imagination. They encompass Oil and Gas, Wind Power, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Shipbuilding, Inter-Office Networks, Noise Abatement, Road Traffic Management, Maritime, Space Research, Aerospace, Global Defence, Medical, Railroad systems, Transport and many more.

Networking is no longer just confined to inter-office communications. In recent years we have also provided equipment for the internal networking of autonomous vehicles, UAVs, ROVs and Drones. Many of these combine the resources of traditional data communication with sensors, cameras and image processing. Physical conditions can often be a limitation. However, we provide many products that are designed for harsh and rugged environments.

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