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Cadmos, based in Rome, specializes in the design and manufacture of comprehensive and innovative solutions for the demanding requirements of Air Traffic Control. They offer a full range of mission-critical products for the ATC environment. Their switching, bridging and tunneling products ensure Network Interoperability between the different communication protocols and standards used throughout the industry. These encompass support for both serial asynchronous and synchronous lines, and IP networks using protocols such as Aircat500, CD2, Asterix, HDLC, LAP-B, Bisync and more.

It is no coincidence that one of its closest neighbours is Leonardo Finmeccanica (formerly Selex Sistemi Integrati) with whom they have cooperated as a sub-contractor since Cadmos’ inauguration in 2004. Together they have supplied technologically advanced ATC equipment to many hundreds of airport control towers worldwide. Some of Cadmos’ most recent installations are in China, Turkey, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, Somalia, Ukraine and Malaysia.In 2012 they provided the MIDCAS Consortium led by SAAB Aeronautics in Linköping, Sweden with a compact, and highly advanced protocol converter ( This project aimed at improving communication between drones (UAVs), aircraft and the ATC towers, thus allowing for improved safety, as well as for higher traffic densities, and thus pathing the way for fully automatic avoidance manoeuvres by a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). Early on Cadmos recognized the need for improved safety. The primary goal was to provide the ability to record and secure real-time communications activity between the controller and the cockpit. This would allow for an incident or accident to be recreated in millisecond detail at a hearing or for training purposes. The majority of Cadmos’ products were designed specifically for the ATC environment. However, their latest product, ISS Recording & Playback system, has a far wider scope of audience, given that ICAO recommends the presence of a recording and playback system in each ACC and in each tower. This product addresses the needs of many environments where lives and property have to be secured and where there is a need following an incident or accident to have documented the entire scenario in as much detail as possible.