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The Junction is a distributor of professional data connectivity and IT infrastructure products and components. We provide reliable, high quality computer accessories that enable your devices. Our suppliers rank amongst the world’s technology leaders in each of their fields.

We cater for wide variety hardware platforms from legacy and standard PCs to PC/104 derivates and Small Form Factor technologies, to CompactPCI and OpenVPX, and others yet to come. The areas of deployment cover the entire gamut of commercial and industrial applications. These range from relatively straightforward serial I/O wired connections to complex industrial and maritime applications.  These include PLC automation, alarm systems, medical journaling, industrial flow control, rail and road signalling, voice recording, PBX, sewerage, oil & gas, UAVs, AUVs, ROVs, ATC, Space Research, aeronautics, and more.

Our portfolio incorporates regular commercial products as well as industrial equipment for rugged environments where there is a requirement for wide temperature ranges and in some cases consideration for vibration.

Several of our engineering partners offer custom design facilities. Among such products we have delivered are devices for monitoring UAVs and other aircraft as part of EADS MIDCAS project.